Great website, cannabis cures cancer!

Cannabis cures cancer


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It’s a cure

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The Matrix Quotes

Quotes from the Matrix:

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You have to watch this!

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Poetic reminder

I had a full A4 book full of poems. I burnt them all about seven years ago because I was going through a “born again phase” yes I was really idiotic for doing that.Thank God I’m over that!

But, I do remember one poem in particular that I wrote when I was twelve years old:

Hard to be me:

I like the fire but I don’t want hell

Sometimes i’ve fallen but I never fell

I like emotion but I don’t want to feel

I like the truth but I can’t stand what real

and it’s hard, it’s hard to be me

even so, I like what I see

and I love you more each day

even so I want to run away

and unfortunately I cannot for the life of me remember the rest. The thing is, as a child I was so intense about life and it’s meaning and that hasn’t changed.  As an adult, looking back at this old poem that I wrote I think to myself, wow, fear of reality, fear of emotion, difficulty in coping with life. When I was six years old, I went for a hearing test and they had discovered that I was completely deaf in my right ear. I went to ten different normal schools, growing up was difficult but through all of it, I liked being me. When you look at life and it’s difficulties, you start to become grateful for living the life that you live. No one would want to take on someone else’s hardships.

We cannot spend life in fear, instead we must live it and live it hard! I saw a wonderful picture today and edited it saying,”we are not humans having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I’m loving it!

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A very smart kid!

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Arrested in Tableview

Police out on patrol in Table View, Cape Town searched a 23 year old and found a small bag of dagga as well as items believed to be possibly stolen. Further investigations and questioning of this man led police to a residential home in Big Bay, Table View were they found two women aged 25 and 35 as well as a 13 year old boy….

via Arrested in Tableview.

My addition to this is why aren’t police focusing on real criminals? I know why, because we are an easy target. We don’t carry guns. This disgusts me!

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