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To:  The Government of South Africa

You can’t get high on hemp, but you can create clothing, housing, food, fuel, natural plastics and other locally useful and globally marketable consumer products out of it. And oh yeah, did we mention jobs, and lots of them. Hemp is already a multi $ billion a year industry and growing.


We wish to end the botanical racism imposed on the industrial hemp plant.
Let’s free the industrial hemp plant from the current apartheid style discrimination.
We support legislation change that will allow the hemp plant to grow in peace.

There are over 50 000 recorded uses,
and amazingly every part of the plant is utilized:
The outer stalk: for textile fibres.
The inner stalk: for building materials and cellulose.
The seed kernel: for nutritional oils.
The seed husk: for biodegradable plastics.
The leaves: for re-tilling and fertilizing the soil after harvest.

Hemp has a well documented history:

• The United Nation signed a treaty, in 1961, which allows for the cultivation of industrial hemp.
• The American Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper.
• The U.S. Constitution was printed on hemp paper.
• George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp.
• Ben Franklin owned a mill that made hemp paper.
• The King of England distributed hemp seeds free to farmers in Canada. (1801)
• Americans were legally bound to grow hemp during the Colonial Era and Early Republic.
• Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I & King Philip of Spain made it law for all land owners to grow hemp.
• Many of the world’s most well-known paintings are painted on hemp canvas.
• Galileo’s scientific observation notes were written on hemp paper. (c. 1600)
• Rudolph Diesel designed his engine to run on hemp oil.
• Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation under light of a hemp oil lamp. (1863)
• In 1938 Popular Mechanics described hemp as the “New Billion Dollar Crop.”

Please consider our environment:

Hemp is grown organically. It is naturally resistant to most pests so no pesticides or herbicides are required in its cultivation. An acre field of hemp can yield up to 8 dry tons of fiber, that’s about 3 times more than cotton. The same crop will also give 4 times more paper than an acre forest trees. Hemp makes an extremely durable textile fabric which is four times stronger than cotton. And hemp-paper lasts way longer than tree-paper, there is actually hemp paper more than 1,500 years old which has been found. Hemp paper can also be recycled more times than wood-based paper. Also, hemp grows in about 3 to 4 months, were-as trees take over 20 years to reach a size worth destroying.  Best of all though is that the hemp plant has a rapid rate of photosynthesis; which means more oxygen for everyone.

Industrial hemp will provide solutions to many of South Africa’s critical issues. It will create jobs, nourish and clothe people, build houses and reduce our dependence on forest products.

I joined my fellow South Africans in calling on our country to legalize industrial hemp now.  This is an economic opportunity that we can not afford to lose. Let’s lead the global green rush toward a renewable economy and make hemp a cash crop that can benefit all South Africans!

The Undersigned

visit hemp now!


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Just a thought

Parents would understand this more than someone who doesn’t have a child. Question for parents: would you send your child to hell?  Would you? No! So you being a human being (not God) has so much love for your own child that no matter what, you want your child to be in a good place. So how much more does God want his children to be in a good place.

See in all honesty, I believe that years and years of broken truth has been passed down to every generation. Way back in church days when poor people had to sit in the back seats and if they couldn’t pay money “they would be in trouble with God”. Lies, lies and more lies!

Did you know that we all come from the same source? Why are we so divided? Man has made all things broken and fear prevents people from finding the truth.  I couldn’t possibly imagine the fear in a Jehovah’s witness for example, how much fear would they have to walk away from years of brainwashing and the belief system they have. They fear condemnation.  I despise religion and lies. I know that many people are still stuck in a mind set and the truth needs to be told! God is Love, period! If you judge people, you have no room to love them! Love people and Love God, that is all that matters. Unite with one another and coexist. Don’t let fear rob you of your life! Step out of the box, open your eyes and see. I will delve more into this over time but I want to start with the basics. You, no matter what religion you are, no matter how far you fall short, no matter what you think God is, you need to know how special you are!

Pray for truth, have gratitude and long for peace! The truth will set you free. There is so much freedom when you see the truth. We should start respecting eachother regardless of race, religion or culture. We are one! When we see that, everything falls into place!

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Activate your soul through Activism

When I first wrote on my Facebook page that I want to get involved in activism, I had no idea that it would actually come to pass. Once you write something down, it becomes more than just a wish. I didn’t even know what I would feel passionate about until I actually wrote it down. I wanted to become an activist. Now I’m finding so many things to fight for. The thing is, activism involves facing your fears, going head on regardless of the consequences. Doing the right thing will ruffle feathers. You might be arrested!

Do I want to play it safe or do I live out the very purpose I was born for?

I’ll never forget being terrified of bees. The other day I sat outside and a bee came up rather close to me. I took a deep breath and said, “I will not fear you, I’m bigger than you.” The bee flew around me for a while and then it left. I got over that fear and the more I do it, the less afraid I am.

I have to trust the instinct inside my soul. I have to fight for what I believe in otherwise what is the point of life? Why are we here? Is it to tippy toe and make everyone happy? I really believe that there is more to life than the white picket fence and cozy lifestyle. I don’t think I came into this world to make myself happy. I think I came here to shout, scream and cry for change, cry for freedom and cry for people that are under severe circumstances.

My favourite song at the moment is Redemption song by Bob Marley. “Won’t you help me sing these songs of freedom” “emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free out minds”

I have to trust that everything is what it is and trust that being my complete self will bring about change. I will not hide behind a mask but I will continue to share what I know whether people like it or not. Look at the oil situation, do you think this earth will always have oil? Do you think that animals will always be around? If we keep moving in the direction we’re heading, this earth will get worse. Warnings are there for a reason. I won’t go into everything that I am fighting for right now but over time you will see.

Fear and love don’t mix in the same sentence. You can’t fear and love at the same time. You have to eradicate fear and then allow your heart to soar. I know where I’m heading, I know  the path that has been laid out before me and it’s exciting! I cannot fear it. I will not. I will trust only! If we all got together for a cause, an army of people, we could really break free from the sad situation that most of us face. War, lack of resources, poverty, illness, depression and pain is where this world is and has always been and it’s getting worse. Action is love! We have to act. It sets a powerful force inside of you when you act upon something you are passionate about. When you follow your gut and allow it to lead you, you find parts of your strong character that you never knew existed.

I am only beginning, I still have a long way to go in the activism walk but I have started and once you start – there is no going back! So here I am!

There are a lot of website that are available for you to have your say, sign the petitions and fight for your cause! And don’t allow the opinions of others to bring you down.


An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.

— Arab proverb

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Sativa or Indica

Cannabis Sativa plants are tall, growing over 6 meters high. They are resistant to diseases and grows quickly. You can also plant them close together, giving a high amount of crop. It is more for the industrial process and can help aid in saving the environment. Think of all the trees we cut down every day. If we grow cannabis, we can help prevent the unnecessary deforestation that we so easily do. Our forests need to stay. Our planet needs every little creature. Think wisely and support the cause for growing cannabis to save the environment.

Cannabis Indica is a small shrubby plant and has high concentration of THC. It is a fantastic pain killer, a great appetite producer. Great for anxiety and the list goes on!

I have never after taking cannabis wished to go out and get blastedly drunk. Look at all the drunk drivers on the road today. When inducing yourself with cannabis, you are more cautious, more aware and you generally feel that safety is important. If you are drunk, you drive faster and you blank out sometimes. I have never blanked out, I know exactly what I am doing when I am stoned! I can cook the best meals when smoking cannabis.Although it is better not to drive under any influential substance, even painkillers.

Noticeable effects of cannabis use:

Relaxation, sedative


Lack of aggression



How is this a bad thing? If you are taking anti depressants and sleeping pills, how is that any better than cannabis?

Shall we delve into side effects of anti depressants and sleeping pills? All anti depressants are addictive and you have to be weaned off anti depressants. As a cannabis smoker, it is easy to quit at any time!

Cannabis is known to treat illnesses such as:

gluacoma, cannabis reduces the pressure within the eye.

Multiple sclerosis – Cannabis reduces muscle pain, spasms and cramps.

Pain control, migraines

Cancer – reduces pain and there is some study showing that it can cure cancer. Increases appetite and helps during the pain of chemotherapy.


Cannabis affects the brain in a most unusual way. The brain has specific areas that respond to THC. These areas have been called cannabinoid receptors. They are found in 7 areas of the brain, the hippocampus, the cerebellum and the basal ganglia. There are no receptors for THC in the brain stem which may explain why an overdoes of cannabis cannot and will not kill you. I am not entirely knowlegeable in the area of the brain but there are many doctors who can confirm certain findings about the benefits of the use of cannabis. There are no withdrawal symptoms when stopping the use of cannabis.

So there you have it, just a few fine details. Police can focus on rapists, not people using a great natural, medicinal, God given beauty of a substance! My next post will be about Air pollution and how growing hemp can help reduce air pollution! Yes people, this is the truth! Stay aware!

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Does cannabis make you violent?

During the 1920’s and 1930’s, newspapers portrayed cannabis as a substance that created violent behavior.  Research however proves that cannabis has the opposite effect. It calms a person down. I know from my own personal use, that when I am angry and I use cannabis, I am immediately calm and able to see things in a better light. Prohibition says it’s illegal to produce, sell or buy intoxicating drugs. Cannabis is not an intoxicating drug. It is not a drug! Alcohol was illegal and mobs, gangsters and crime went up to an all time high. Imagine if alcohol was banned? How would people react? Yet those who fight for the legalization of cannabis are not violent, nor do they carry guns. We are peaceful. Back then, cannabis was advertised as a drug that is evil and of the devil. They said it came from the black African or American man and in this, it created an ugly stir where the lack of respect for mankind was at its ultimate height. Racist pigs is all I can say!

Henry Aslinger who was the head of the Federal Bureau for Narcotics was racist. He felt cannabis was a drug that made African Americans violent and lazy. Doctors cried about this! What a ridiculous man! Regardless of the protests for legalization, the law was passed. Thank you Henry(hear my sarcasm!).  His ass lingers.

Henry Ford was a supporter for cannabis. Now wonder I will only ever drive a ford! Henry Ford investigated how crops could be converted into fuels, materials and things to use for the automobile industry. However the laws that were passed and the car had to be abandoned.

Cannabis was advertised as a symbol for rebellion. The only reason we are rebellious is that we fight for freedom, we fight for our rights, we fight for self expression. Remember the ‘beat generation’ .

In essence, cannabis making a person violent is a complete lie. I know alcohol makes a person violent. I have never been hurt by a stoner!!! Never! I have however been terribly hurt by drunks! This world has many lies and it’s up to us to uncover the truth. Let the truth set you free! Cannabis has no violent effects. If it’s pure cannabis, just try to be violent with the substance, it’s impossible! It promotes peace like it did in the 1960’s. No, cannabis does not make a person violent!

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What is Cannabis?

Hemp used for fibres. The Natural way!

Cannabis is historical plant that has been around for thousands of years. The fibres of Cannabis can be used to make materials such as rope, cloth and paper including many other materials. The seeds are wonderful for food. Cannabis has medicinal properties and aids those who are suffering due to serious or chronic illnesses. cannabis users feel calm, happy and content with life. It aids the ability to focus. It is a plant that has too many benefits, yet it still remains illegal, why?

I will go into more detail about Sativa and Indica later but I want to show you the beautiful characteristics of the plant itself.  In the use of Cannabis, there is a lot of debate about whether this plant is addictive or not.  Did you know that Cannabis has less addictive quality than caffeine? It is not a gateway drug! The only gateway is because it is illegal and so people go to drug dealers who offer something that may be stronger and that is the only reason for the so called “gateway” myth.

Since Cannabis has been illegal it has been a constant fight for many to legalize it (did you know it was made legal in the USA during WW2?) . Whether you think cannabis is for you or not, any substance that you take should be your decision and yours alone. Don’t let anyone force you into something you don’t want but this is my take on the matter. You need to know everything about cannabis and here you will find out what you need to know. I will give you the pro’s and the con’s of cannabis. When I think of a con, I’ll let you know.

Cannabis was used in ancient China where they would use the fibres of the plant to make and produce rope(saving the environment). It was used to produce clothing and were a lot more cost effective to produce. Male plants produce fibre and the female plant produces seeds. It is a wonderful nutritious form of food for people and animals. Paper was made with hemp. The first car created by Ford was made with hemp fibres in 1941.  The American Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper in 1776.

Cannabis’s medicinal uses are great for menstrual problems, arthritis and cancer. It helps people with a low appetite and alleviates nausea.  Cannabis and it’s use has been around for 2000 years. Japan, India, Europe, America and Greece also used cannabis for many purposes. The timeline of cannabis dates as far back as 10 000bc. In 1924 cannabis was listed as a dangerous drug. In 1925 they stopped using cannabis as fibre in the UK, claiming it had the same dangerous properties as heroin and coccaine, they put cannabis in the same category where coffee is more addictive, I wonder why.

In 1942 during the 2nd WW USA lowered its restrictions on cannabis for the need of fibre.

1974 Netherlands relaxed its drug law. The sale of small amounts of cannabis, the use of it was regulated.  In all of this the laws to me just don’t add up and this is sad because a lot of people need to use cannabis to reduce pain, help alleviate nausea and the fact that cigarettes and alcohol are legal substances, I cannot fathom why cannabis is illegal. The only reason it is illegal is because Governmental institutions will not risk losing money. Pharmaceutical companies that create medications to alleviate pain come with devastating side effects and can kill you. Not one person has ever died from the consumption of cannabis.

Growing cannabis was encouraged during the second world war. Man made fibres started replacing hemp but the growing of natural God made fibres (hemp) was used and increased. It was seen as a way of supporting the national war effort. It helped meet their need. Today, we are still fighting to legalize hemp. Thousands of people get arrested for a harmless and helpful substance called cannabis. A seed that we are supposed to plant and grow. Lies have been spread about cannabis and it’s time to reveal the truth!

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